food & cooking

we provide support to identify the ideal food & wine offering based on the distinctive attributes of restaurant and clients, and to monitor performance results over time.


we have a consolidated experience in advertising and off-line and on-line communication projects. Before any consulting project, we develop a strategic planning phase in order to maximize the effect of the communication campaign and to optimize budget and investments.


LINEAGOLOSA is a photo and video production company with a special focus on the food & cooking sector. We deliver innovative projects also in the area of event design, planning and management.

We develop strategic consulting projects in three interconnected areas: food production, food services, market relations.

In developing the food theme, LINEAGOLOSA involved some of the most eminent professionals of the communication, video and photographic industry, establishing a high-performance consultancy and production unit that is in line with the times and equipped with the best technological resources. Creative talents, architects, designers, authors, film directors, photographers, video operators and post-production operators pooled their expertise for a unique and constantly-evolving narrative project.  


food & cooking

We provide support to identify the ideal food & wine offering based on the distinctive attributes of restaurant and clients, and to monitor performance results over time:

• analysis of the ideal food & wine offer based on the characteristics of the restaurant and of client targets
• restaurant positioning
• definition of menu
• venue, interior and table set up design


Thanks to our experience in on-line and off-line communication strategy, as well as in graphic, web design, photography and in the film-making business, we are unique interpreters of food & cooking stories. We use our competences and creativity to deliver best value pricing, combined with excellent results:

• market analysis
• communication strategic plan
• brand image
• corporate image
• advertising
• packaging
• publishing
• pre-press activity
• software development (web sites, multimedia)
• social networking
• POP products
• direct marketing
• stand design



We develop a narrative project in which, as well as shooting locations, dishes and the backstage of events, we also investigate the relationship between food, photos and videos, without neglecting experimentation with stereoscopic technologies and the new TV formats.

• identification of subject and shooting planning
• art buying and set design
• photo shooting
• post-production
• production of different products to be used on diversified communication media (press, catalogues, web and social media)

• creative concept and screenplay
• storyboard
• audio and video shooting
• soundtrack
• graphic contents
• audio and video post-production

• creative concept and event design
• production of on-line and off-line comm. tools
• photo and video production and post-production
• event general direction
• on-line press office


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We are associated to The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK